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I left Siteground after being with them for years

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I have never been so frustrated in my life. For those of you out there that don't know this, I run all of the websites. I host an entire network of websites including sites for clients of mine. Two of the biggest sites on my network are directly controlled by me and are very heavily optimized to perform the best they can. Recently I had an issue with our now previous host called Siteground. I used to rant and rave about them because they really were great. However conveniently after downgrading my server resources on my virtual private server/VPS, I started experiencing issues that did not line up.

At first, they blamed it on cron jobs not being set up for WordPress. So I went ahead and set those up so they were manually running instead of relying on the built-in WordPress Cron. Surprise surprise, that did not solve the issue. In all my years running websites, specifically WordPress websites I've never had to set manual cron jobs. The built-in cron system was never an issue. 

Then they blamed it on Facebook and Facebook's Crawlers. They said I could just block their crawlers outright to solve the issue. The only problem with that is if you block those crawlers your content will not show up properly on that platform, as in if someone wants to share a link to a post the images would not automatically embed or any sort of relevant information. So basically it makes sharing to that platform useless. So as you can probably imagine I was not happy with that answer. 

After I called them out on the issue of it crippling social sharing they then blamed it on high read and write requests. Once again I would like to remind you that all of these issues magically started happening after I made a small downgrade to my server. A downgrade of resources that I wasn't using in the first place.

They also suggested just to keep upgrading my server resources until it sorted itself out. Mind you I'm not a rich person so I can't just throw money at something until it fixes itself. And in these sort of situations they don't just fix themselves. So basically the company was telling me to spend money for no reason. 

So not only did they seem to not have an answer for me but they were going to just keep on guessing and crippling my site until they figured it out. So needless to say I was pissed. I canceled my service with them after being with them for years!

I'm with a new host now and can't be happier. I'll post a review of them soon.

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2 minutes ago, Jackson said:

Wow that is really scummy that they did that to you. 

Yes it is. I'm loving the new host so far!

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