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    This is a old writing I found loo king through my files from my Garry's Mod Role play Days. Check it out and Ignore any Grammar issues I did not look it over again for that. The Resistance * The saints - Depending on who you ask you will get a different answer on what they are all about. Anyone with a Saint Michael's crest is labeled Anti Citizen and must be detained and interrogated according to the combine, Some citizens view them as wreckless terrorists hell bent on destructing while others see them as saviors who come in at just the right time to save them from the brutality of the Metro Police Force. The saits are a unique group of people comprised of people from a multitude of backgrounds and mental health issues if you ask some people. All thought the leader of the group is unknown they seem to operate on the fly and report to one person who has never been seen besides by the lieutenants as he never wants to expose him self and have the organization toppled. The group didn't create their own name, it was granted to them by the citizens of City 18 as they were just a group of people trying to do right and all wore the iconic Saint Michael's patch and thus the name came to be. The main mission of the saints is to protect people in need and to provide food and medical aid to those who require it and will seek these supplies through any means necessary weather its by attacking a combine shipment or buying the supplies out of pocket or stealing supplies from local Civil Workers Union Shops or Loyalists homes. The saints set up small scale field hospitals and soup kitchens insides apartment complexes and also drops off supply crates with a note for whom ever to find them, sometimes supplies get dropped off right in the Combine Civil Housing in front of peoples doors and no one is found once the door is answered just a note and a crate. The wreckless tendencies of the saints is stemmed from their over the top contingency plans which often end is gun fire and explosions . . . Or a crying baby doll with an ink bomb inside. They do enjoy playing pranks on the units in the area. The saints have been known to work with other but they do not always play nice if ideologies start to clash. The Rangers happened to be on the side of killing civilians with out cause unbeknownst to the saints at the beginning of their relationship but over times it all came to light and needless to say The Rangers were ended like a bad kids show from the 90's. Logan 'V' Valadez - Age - 32 Birthday - August 12th 1985 Birth Place - San Diago, California - United States Previous place of residence - Janesville, Wisconsin - United States CUU Location - City 23 Current Location - Unknown Family - -Maria Valadez - Wife - Dead -James Valaldez - Brother - Unknown -Susan Valadez - Sister - Unknown -Jason Valadez - Nephew - Dead -No record of Parents Known Associates - -Ivan 'Red' Reznov - Close Friend - Alive -Simon "Shady" Escher - Close Friend - Alive -Adrianna King - Friend - Alive -John Field - Unknown Origin - Serving in Metro Police Force Service Record - 8 years Army National Guard - 1 Iraq Deployment - 12B Combat Engineer Personality - Passionate, Driven, Loyal. Mental Status - Suffers from Mild TBI, PTSD, Is Emotional and mentally unstable at times.
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    I don't know about everyone out there reading this but I absolutely hate when an Arma 3 community has a stupidly large mod pack. As you know I personally try and make our mod pack as small as possible and I believe it is one of the smaller ones compared to most communities. There are some communities that I recently tried but was just purely overwhelmed with the mod pack size alone that I didn't bother playing with them. I mean one of the packs with 60 + mods! That's beyond ridiculous and absurd. Mind you the more mods you have the more issues you will have which some people don't seem to understand.
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    If you have a twitch and stream semi regularly or regularly post in below so others can find and follow you! Follow me at www.twitch.tv/somekoolkid
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    My channel/profile is: twitch.tv/silentwisherentertainment
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    Post some images of you or something you enjoy doing! For me its paintball!
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    A lot of people know that twitch.tv is definitely a more creator-friendly platform in many instances. Yes, they have censorship to a certain degree just like all platforms do however they're very open-minded compared to their competitors. A lot of people have recommended me switching over to Twitch. However, there is a big issue with Twitch that prevents me from switching over completely. That is the fact that it makes it difficult for people to find/search for videos that are uploaded manually and were not produced in a live stream format. The platform heavily relies on people being able to do live streams which I cannot do to my connection speed. So if there's something I can request that twitch.tv can do to make it more appealing to creators that already have a large catalog of content. That would be implementing some sort of search system/search engine that allows people to find content that is produced in a manual not live stream type of way.
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    I've added some new features to the site including but not limited to the following: Downloads section Auto-Connect to our Teamspeak server link on the sidebar. Member listing under browse.
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    Special Member Classes: Early Bird Fancy Orange~Yellow name. Can upload images to gallery.
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    Short answer is yes. There a few ways to do it. One of the easiest ways is using windows "Optimize Drives" program/application. Simply open that bad boy up and select the drives you want to optimize and it will do so for you usually pretty quick. Don't rely on scheduled optimization though. It never has worked for me and many others. So I recommend running it every so often yourself.
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    Wow that is really scummy that they did that to you.
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    Posted in a new thread.
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    I should have it out tonight if I don't fall asleep.
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    I've always been a fan of the Paladin personally.
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    Thank you πŸ˜„
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    I've just launched the site. It will obviously take some time to get it up and running. Hope you are excited about the site as I am. Also I'd like to welcome our new name CAG - Creators & Gamers Network. So it is official. We are going from -=AOU=- / AOU Dev Community to CAG. 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
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    You may be invisible but every step you take is exaggerated to an annoyingly loud level
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What Is CAG?

​​​​​​​Welcome to the Creators and Gamers Network.Β We started this network to bring together both Creators and gamers to a single location. From our experience, both gamers and online content creators seem to line up in a lot of ways. We just want to play our games or we just want to make content and not have to deal with so much drama. Whatever happened to the good old days? Come hang out with us and discuss whatever you want. Unlike certain platforms, we actually believe in freedom of speech.

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